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Will Smith on Fear!

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Yes, Will Smith..... he may not be a climber but he talked some sense when it came to Fear!

'God placed all the best stuff on the other side of fear' - Will Smith.

You don't have to pay for an expensive trip to Dubai to find out what he was talking about. Experiencing an abseil over a 40m cliff is all it takes. The worry and anticipation that you experience, as you shuffle toward the edge, simply evaporates as you pass the point-of-no-return. We talk about stretching our 'comfort zone' and growing as individuals, dealing with unwanted feelings and emotions. Abseiling is a great activity and the lessons learned can be brought back to everyday living. Clients of ours really do leave as changed people, better able to cope with daily stresses and worries. All because they harnessed their fear and overcame the invisible barriers of the mind. We have taught many people how to employ 'coping strategies' and shown them how to use these in their regular lives.

Fear can keep you safe....harnessing fear will help you grow.

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