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Holder of the Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (WMCI) award and a qualified coach, with Antony you are in experienced and safe hands.

Antony has climbed in some of the world’s premier locations, from the Yosemite Valley in California to The Lofoten Islands in Norway. He loves to climb and values the deep psychological impact and self-improvement that climbing can bring.

Antony says “It is such a pleasure to spend time in the mountains with different people. It is a great environment for positive mental health, building friendships and learning about yourself. It is like a meditation for me".

"I recently climbed a new route in the Lofoten Islands which I called 'Ravnen', it was a fantastic adventure and for me reaffirmed my identity as a climber.

 “I would love to climb on Stetind, Norway’s national mountain.  There are some long, hard routes there that I would love to experience, and spending the night sleeping on the summit too would make it a complete adventure!”


Antony McPhillips WMCI, IML

Association of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI)

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