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Lofoten Part 3

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

We arrived back at our camp somewhere around 2am and the rain was due-in for 4am..... We mumbled at each other briefly, something about 'great-climbs'...... or "it's still light and i'm tired" ...then we turned-in......Ah.... i was knackered!

I rummaged around in my disaster-zone of Admin, ate porridge, then slithered into my sleeping bag for the next 11 hours, I think I heard the early spots of rain on the tent at some point, but mostly i was asleep!

We awoke a windy and rainy afternoon, i could hear Alan rattling his cooking pans.....guess it was that 'time' of day. I thought that 36 hours in my little tent would be pretty naff, but as it turned-out, the enforced rest-period was very much welcome. Having no 4G was a good thing, the world could wait, i just did the 'Eat-Sleep' bit from the T-shirt.. ...a good book to read between snoozes helped. Time off from the world.

The rain finally stopped the late following morning.... Climbing was the talk of the town again! We were keen to head-over to Djupfjord Buttress. Sitting opposite us across Fjord, rising some 300 metres straight out from the water, it was an impressive sight. Promising 'Run-out' slabs and 'Difficult' cracks....Well obviously we just had to get-on it!

First on the agenda though, a trip round to Heningsvaer, the local fishing-village. Coffee and a shower were high on the tick-list. The rock would take a few hours to dry-out from the recent weather-front's visit, and a leg-stretch would do us good.

The 12km round trip wasn't actually what legs needed...i was still fairly tired to tell-the-truth, and my feet hurt! My wallet took a hit too! A Fish burger and 2 coffees! ...£30 ffs!

The views on our little outing were, yet-again, stunning!

And, the cafe was a nice place to sit for a couple of hours...

All things considered... it was a good day, and at the 9km point of the walk.... i was again getting pretty psyched for Climbing.

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