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Off the Beaten Track on Harrison Stickle.

Updated: May 2, 2021

This week we headed out into the Langdale valley in the Lake District. The south face of Harrison Stickle was our destination. Seen by many as a mountain for walkers, it is largely ignored by climbers in favour of more popular locations like Gimmer Crag or Pavey Ark. We wanted to check out some easily accessible, multi-pitch routes for this summer with clients.

The rock on Harrison Stickle is Rough igneous-bedrock, with some fine examples of ashfall layers. What does that mean to a climber? Your feet really stick to it, which is pretty handy. The down side though is in its compact nature, there really aren't that many cracks for gear.

We had decided to check-out a couple of its best offerings. Harrisonkorner into Spillikin Ridge and Treasure, which is a 3 star route. Both of these turned out to be very satisfying. Graded at Severe, they were worth the combined 5 stars that the guide book gives them.

We moved quickly up the routes which were both two-pitches, checking-out the belays for client friendliness.... room for three with fantastic views! Noting the need for sunscreen come the summer, due to the crag's southerly aspect, fingers crossed.

With summer approaching and many folk taking their holidays at home this year, the Lake District is going to be busy. Finding good climbing routes to take clients to, when the popular locations are busy, is where a Mountaineering Instructor is most valuable.

Days like today are essential preparation for the coming climbing season. We're really looking forward to meeting new people and showing them the rugged beauty of Langdale and her climbing-treasures.

If you fancy a day-out with us on 'Treasure' or Spillikin Ridge, just let us know when you book......

Hope to see you all out-there.

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