Winter skills course

Winter Skills Courses

Our Scottish and Lake District based winter skills courses are designed to deliver all the essential knowledge and techniques required for a walker to confidently head-out into the winter mountains.


Winter is an exciting season for heading into the UK mountains. As a winter walker you will need extra technical skills and knowledge to deal with the snow and ice-covered terrain. Knowing about safe route choices and avoiding avalanche prone slopes is just the start. Moving around in crampons competently on steep ground and using an ice-axe correctly, are essential skills to acquire.


Our courses are the best way to arm yourself, with solid foundation skills, to enable you to head out on your own independent winter adventures. Winter navigation requires focus and good technique, learn the essentials with us, as we journey through the Scottish mountains. Classic journeys through the wild winter-mountains, bagging big mountain summits like Ben Macdui or Ben Nevis are all part of the course. We will introduce you to the techniques needed when venturing into steep gullies and technical, graded mountain terrain. Our expert instructors possess a great depth of knowledge that you will be able to draw on, as they instruct and coach you every step of the way.


Our courses.

I Day Essentials Skills

Learn the basics and stay safe during the winter. Our introduction to winter walking will give you a good insight into the essential skills needed for winter walking. Our highly experienced instructors will deliver the core skills of; Crampon and Ice-Axe use, Basic snow craft, Avalanche awareness and safe travel skills. Have fun and learn on this convenient one-day session.

£45 per person


2-Day Weekend Course


This intensive 2-day course delivers all the essential skills that a hillwalker needs to safely step out as an independent winter walker. You will then be able to head out and consolidate your learning, as you take your first steps as an independent winter walker.

£ 35 per person


 Bespoke 5-Day Course

This immersive 5 day course will deliver all the essential winter skills that a hill walker needs to step out as an independent winter walker. The 5-day winter skills course will give you added time to consolidate learned skills, extra days of guided mountain walking and the opportunity to revisit skills sessions as we head out on adventure filled mountain routes. This 5-day course also includes an introduction to Avalanche transceiver use.

£250 per person


Our walking courses are run at a maximum Instructor: Client ratio of 1:4

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