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Lyndon is a great climber, coach and Instructor. A holder of the Mountaineering Instructor (MCI) award, he loves to bring people to the mountains and share his experience and knowledge. Always keen to improve, he is constantly training to elevate his personal climbing-game. 

When guiding clients, he is in his element, coaching and teaching when needed, always listening and adapting to what the situation requires. You can be assured of a great day with him, he maximises your time and shares his knowledge freely. A depth of knowledge which has been acquired over many years of rock-Climbing across the UK and extensively in the Alps. – “I love to coach people; it gives me a real buzz when I see clients make improvements in their rock-climbing. The most satisfying moments are when you bump into folk years later, and they thank you for the help, it’s just the best.” 



When Lyndon is not out Instructing for Lakes Adventure, he is dedicated to working with injured service personnel in his work for Battle Back, part of the Royal British Legion.  Lyndon coaches and guides people not just in the mountains, but also as a life-skills and rehabilitation expert for soldiers with PTSD. His empathy and understanding are vital skills in his work, and he brings these to his rock-climbing instruction, making him our go-to guy when planning programs for new climbers.


Lyndon is partial to some autumn sunshine and spends time in the Costa Blanca every year. Pushing his grade, working on his climbing fitness and looking for new climbs to take clients on. 

Lyndon’s favourite climb?

“It has to be Great Western at Almscliffe, North Yorkshire. The best natural granite around, some would say best crag in the world…. Steeped in history this was where my climbing apprenticeship began, it still brings me shivers.

If he could climb anywhere in the world.

“If I could climb anywhere in the world I would climb everywhere in the world! I love the style of climbing the Swiss Alps has to offer. Perfect steep granite ridges for as far as the eye can see. I love big days on long routes, I have realised in past year though, you don’t have to go far for a true challenge. I've currently got my eye on the Classic Rock Round in the Lake District; 65km, 4300m ascent and 64 pitches over 15 separate routes. Now that sounds like a challenge.”

Lyndon Chatting-Walters   - MCI and Professional Life Coach

Asscociation of Mountaineering Instructors (AMI)

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